Seine River, Paris

Seine River, Paris

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Preparing for summer – How to organize your wardrobe!

With Spring right on our doorsteps and new season clothes on the way into our wardrobes, I thought I would share my top three tips on keeping your wardrobe organised!

Tip 1: Get rid of old clothes
I don’t know about you but throwing or giving things away is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. The feeling I get when I’ve cleared out my wardrobe each season is so great and I feel fresh and ready to take on the months ahead! (It also gives me a great excuse to go shopping!)

To prepare for the arrival of new clothes into your wardrobe and to keep everything neat and tidy, some things will need to go. It may sound scary, but you’ll feel much better for it and it will make you feel less guilty about buying new clothes. My general rule of thumb when going through my wardrobe is to throw away anything that I’m sick of or haven’t worn in a while and realistically don’t think I will again. This can be hard as many of us tell ourselves that we might need that an item of clothing for an occasion somewhere down the track, but I’m telling you, it’s very unlikely that you will actually remember to wear that outfit when the time comes! Clearing out these clothes will also make it easier for you to see all your new clothes and you never know you might come across something you forgot you had! When sorting my clothes I like to sort them into piles; one for the charity shop, one for selling on, and one or the bin. I only really sell clothes on which cost me a lot of money, the rest I give to the charity shop if they’re in good condition. It’s important to remember that if a piece of clothing is not in good enough condition that you could wear it, then it’s not good enough for the charity shop. It’s not a junk store! If you aren’t sure it’s best to just throw it away.

Tip 2: Colour Coordinate

I love to colour coordinate my clothes as best as I can to keep my wardrobe nice and organized. It helps to keep things in order and it gives things a place so that when you go to return something to your wardrobe you know where it belongs! It also is nice to look at and if fun to do! I like to break up my black pieces of clothing with some grey coloured clothes so that it make it a bit easier to see all my clothes.

Tip 3: Good quality hangers

This is what I really think makes all the difference when keeping a wardrobe neat and tidy! If you invest in some good quality hangers, not only does it keep your clothes looking nicer, it looks streamline and will space out your clothes really nicely. Wire hangers can tangle, rust and not to mention bend and get all tangled up! I like to use velvet hangers with a metal hook. They look really nice and are gentler on my clothes when they’re hanging than wire ones. I also like to use to thick plastic hooks for some of me clothes. They also don’t have to cost a whole lot, which is great.

I hope these tips were useful and that it helps when organising your wardrobe! Happy sorting, and hopefully afterwards, happy shopping!

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