Seine River, Paris

Seine River, Paris

Friday, 18 November 2016

Australis Cosmetics Metallix Cream Eyeshadow

These cream eye shadows are one of my absolute favourite beauty products! Not only do they come in beautiful colours to suit any occasion or season, they are inexpensive and a fantastic product.

They are pigmented, transfer well onto the eye and look so glamourous. Paired with a neutral crease colour they look stunning on the eye, creating a distinctive and striking look.  When used over an existing eye shadow look such as a brown smoky eye, they add interest and really lift a look giving it a little something extra.

Featured: Guns and Rose Petals and Gold Gaga

I love Australis a brand because they are sustainable and do not test on animals, and the fact that they’re inexpensive is an added bonus! My favourite shades are “gold gaga” and “guns and rose petals” (all they’re names are inspired by musicians… so cute!). Both are beautiful light shades that are great for during the day as well as improving a nighttime eye look.

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