Seine River, Paris

Seine River, Paris

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

I just got my hands on two of the Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kits! After hearing so many mixed reviews about these I thought I’d take the leap and give them a go!

I was browsing on the website and only a few of the kits were available, (it was around the time of her limited edition birthday products, so a lot of things were sold out), and I grabbed two which I had my eye on that happened to be available. The two shades that I got are Koko K and Candy K., both are pretty similar to each other, but are both shades that fit my makeup looks perfectly!

After hearing from some reviews that these lip kits can be quite drying I made sure to use a good quality lip balm to ensure my lips were as hydrated as possible before applying. I found the lip liners were creamy and extremely easy to apply, the colour was great and the tip was small enough that I could accurately line intricate places like my cupids bow! It was recommended on the box to only apply one layer of the lipstick for a thin coverage, and that was all I needed anyway! The liquid lip was pigmented, glided on easily and was easy to work with. It didn’t dry too quickly so it was easy to fix up any little mistakes I made.

I wore these lip kits to work and both stayed on really well for me! I didn’t really need any touch ups throughout the day, I only applied a tiny bit more after having my lunch to ensure it was even!

I’m happy that I bought these Lip Kits and think that they will become a regular item that I use in my makeup collection!

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